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Following are the trading days during 2024. Please select one of the links to view our calls given on that day and also to view the trades that happened during the next 3 days.

Jan 2023
2-Jan-2023  3-Jan-2023  4-Jan-2023  5-Jan-2023  6-Jan-2023  9-Jan-2023  10-Jan-2023  11-Jan-2023  12-Jan-2023  13-Jan-2023  16-Jan-2023  17-Jan-2023  18-Jan-2023  19-Jan-2023  20-Jan-2023  23-Jan-2023  24-Jan-2023  25-Jan-2023  27-Jan-2023  30-Jan-2023  31-Jan-2023 
Feb 2023
1-Feb-2023  2-Feb-2023  3-Feb-2023  6-Feb-2023  7-Feb-2023  8-Feb-2023  9-Feb-2023  10-Feb-2023  13-Feb-2023  14-Feb-2023  15-Feb-2023  16-Feb-2023  17-Feb-2023  20-Feb-2023  21-Feb-2023  22-Feb-2023  23-Feb-2023  24-Feb-2023  27-Feb-2023  28-Feb-2023 
Mar 2023
1-Mar-2023  2-Mar-2023  3-Mar-2023  6-Mar-2023  8-Mar-2023  9-Mar-2023  10-Mar-2023  13-Mar-2023  14-Mar-2023  15-Mar-2023  16-Mar-2023  17-Mar-2023  20-Mar-2023  21-Mar-2023  22-Mar-2023  23-Mar-2023  24-Mar-2023  27-Mar-2023  28-Mar-2023  29-Mar-2023  31-Mar-2023 
Apr 2023
3-Apr-2023  5-Apr-2023  6-Apr-2023  10-Apr-2023  11-Apr-2023  12-Apr-2023  13-Apr-2023  17-Apr-2023  18-Apr-2023  19-Apr-2023  20-Apr-2023  21-Apr-2023  24-Apr-2023  25-Apr-2023  26-Apr-2023  27-Apr-2023  28-Apr-2023 
May 2023
2-May-2023  3-May-2023  4-May-2023  5-May-2023  8-May-2023  9-May-2023  10-May-2023  11-May-2023  12-May-2023  15-May-2023  16-May-2023  17-May-2023  18-May-2023  19-May-2023  22-May-2023  23-May-2023  24-May-2023  25-May-2023  26-May-2023  29-May-2023  30-May-2023  31-May-2023 
Jun 2023
1-Jun-2023  2-Jun-2023  5-Jun-2023  6-Jun-2023  7-Jun-2023  8-Jun-2023  9-Jun-2023  12-Jun-2023  13-Jun-2023  14-Jun-2023  15-Jun-2023  16-Jun-2023  19-Jun-2023  20-Jun-2023  21-Jun-2023  22-Jun-2023  23-Jun-2023  26-Jun-2023  27-Jun-2023  28-Jun-2023  30-Jun-2023 
Jul 2023
3-Jul-2023  4-Jul-2023  5-Jul-2023  6-Jul-2023  7-Jul-2023  10-Jul-2023  11-Jul-2023  12-Jul-2023  13-Jul-2023  14-Jul-2023  17-Jul-2023  18-Jul-2023  19-Jul-2023  20-Jul-2023  21-Jul-2023  24-Jul-2023  25-Jul-2023  26-Jul-2023  27-Jul-2023  28-Jul-2023  31-Jul-2023 
Aug 2023
1-Aug-2023  2-Aug-2023  3-Aug-2023  4-Aug-2023  7-Aug-2023  8-Aug-2023  9-Aug-2023  10-Aug-2023  11-Aug-2023  14-Aug-2023  16-Aug-2023  17-Aug-2023  18-Aug-2023  21-Aug-2023  22-Aug-2023  23-Aug-2023  24-Aug-2023  25-Aug-2023  28-Aug-2023  29-Aug-2023  30-Aug-2023  31-Aug-2023 
Sep 2023
1-Sep-2023  4-Sep-2023  5-Sep-2023  6-Sep-2023  7-Sep-2023  8-Sep-2023  11-Sep-2023  12-Sep-2023  13-Sep-2023  14-Sep-2023  15-Sep-2023  18-Sep-2023  20-Sep-2023  21-Sep-2023  22-Sep-2023  25-Sep-2023  26-Sep-2023  27-Sep-2023  28-Sep-2023  29-Sep-2023 
Oct 2023
3-Oct-2023  4-Oct-2023  5-Oct-2023  6-Oct-2023  9-Oct-2023  10-Oct-2023  11-Oct-2023  12-Oct-2023  13-Oct-2023  16-Oct-2023  17-Oct-2023  18-Oct-2023  19-Oct-2023  20-Oct-2023  23-Oct-2023  25-Oct-2023  26-Oct-2023  27-Oct-2023  30-Oct-2023  31-Oct-2023 
Nov 2023
1-Nov-2023  2-Nov-2023  3-Nov-2023  6-Nov-2023  7-Nov-2023  8-Nov-2023  9-Nov-2023  10-Nov-2023  12-Nov-2023  13-Nov-2023  15-Nov-2023  16-Nov-2023  17-Nov-2023  20-Nov-2023  21-Nov-2023  22-Nov-2023  23-Nov-2023  24-Nov-2023  28-Nov-2023  29-Nov-2023  30-Nov-2023 
Dec 2023
1-Dec-2023  4-Dec-2023  5-Dec-2023  6-Dec-2023  7-Dec-2023  8-Dec-2023  11-Dec-2023  12-Dec-2023  13-Dec-2023  14-Dec-2023  15-Dec-2023  18-Dec-2023  19-Dec-2023  20-Dec-2023  21-Dec-2023  22-Dec-2023  26-Dec-2023  27-Dec-2023  28-Dec-2023  29-Dec-2023 


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