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1 out of 2 calls for JLHL proved profitable, with an average profit of 2% within 3 trading days.
The following are the details of the last 30 calls given by us for (JLHL).

Please note that few or all of these calls may not appear in the daily pre-market calls published on the website. Pre-market calls are published on the website only if the scrip closes above Rs. 100/-. However, all pre-market calls are available to our registered subscribers in their mail box. To register, please use the Contact Us link.
1) We gave a BUY call for JLHL on 1  Dec, 2023. The scrip opened at 1120 but did not rise as expected. However, it fell to 1076 before closing at 1101.95. Although we consider this as a rare Failed Call
2) We gave a BUY call for JLHL on 5  Oct, 2023. The scrip opened at 1110 and rose to 1165.05 within next 3 trading days, giving an opportunity to book of profit of Rs.55.05 i.e. 4.96%.

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