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Welcome to iTrade4Profit.

At iTrade4Profit, we give you pre-market calls. Every trading day.

We analyze two very critical parameters, very carefully.

These are what we call "The Trading Sentiment" and the "Counter Activity Index".

We do not analyze charts and are not posing as technical analysts of the stock market. We have carefully chosen the best way to earn money from stocks price movement. And that is the methodical and scientific analysis of the Trading Sentiment and the Counter Activity Index of each scrip. That way we can firmly decide the trend in each stock traded on the NSE.

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Since October 2007, we have been giving Stock Market Tips on each and every trading day. And we have put up all these Share Trading Tips on this site along with the pricing details of next 3 consecutive days. The results are for everybody to see. All our Accurate Share Trading Tips have been consistently giving a earning between 1% to 3% everyday.

Our Share Market Tips are simple. We give out a list of stocks where you can find a buying opportunity i.e. Bullish Stocks List. And another list of stocks where you can find a selling opportunity i.e. Bearish Stocks List. For our BUY calls, it is best to buy few quantity on opening of the market, and buy more on dips. We have noticed, that the stocks in which we give buy calls, rise at least 1% to 3% from their opening rate, within next 3 trading days. Although mostly they give you a Profit Booking exit point on the same day. For using our SELL calls it is advisable that you trade only in stocks that you can give delivery of.

We also provide our registered subscribers with Positional calls which include their expected targets. These help traders who want to book sizeable profits within a short span of time. In short, these are Accurate short term trading calls. Please look at our Matured Positional Calls to have the feel of these result oriented trading calls.

The principal reason why our Indian Share Market Tips turn out to be profitable, lies in our methodology of analysing The Trading Sentiment and the Counter Activity Index, rather than comparing the moving averages and index movements, or just tracking the news element and price movements.

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